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Workable is a new coworking and shared office space in Nairobi’s Sanlam Tower. 

We offer beautifully designed and ergonomically mindful  modern offices (studios) for companies of all sizes in the Nairobi market. Our office solutions are situated within a community environment, with a thriving cafe at its heart. We also offer individual climate control, electronic access control, sit/stand desks, and a lot more. Your premium work experience has arrived.

Coworking is a leading innovator in the ‘space as a service’ industry.


Affordable luxury.

Workable finishes and furnishings are state of the art, combining advances in technology and ergonomics with a clean aesthetic.

Features & Amenities

Workable combines modern, state-of-the-art offices with an open-to-the-public coworking cafe to offer a new level of workplace experience. We also have executive meeting rooms equipped with the latest technology.

Prime Location & Class A Building

Sanlam Tower

Sanlam Tower is uniquely situated on Waiyaki Way, Westlands close to Lion Place offering easy access to all local facilities and amenities from Nairobi Business Hubs and shopping Malls.

It is a state of the art architectural design through its shape, style and quality of materials used to construct the building, setting a new standard in luxury. The office complex offers high quality office accommodation, designed to International standards, offering the Tenant a secure, highly efficient and flexible working environment. The attractive amenities like; standby generators , Borehole, passenger lifts, Security check & CCTV surveillance, electric fence, fire alarm &detection system make it ideal boutique office development for business.

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Did you know the fastest growing segment of coworking members are corporate employees?


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Membership options

Business class private office suites offering market leading sound insulation and ergonomic furniture,
including electric sit stand desks.

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