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Connect at the Workable Café

In partnership with Connect Coffee, a leading coffee roaster and cafe operator in Nairobi, Workable provides a complete, open-to-the-public coworking cafe experience. Serving premium Kenyan coffee and light fare breakfast and lunch, The Workable Café is the social hub of the Workable experience.

We’re open weekdays (8am – 6pm) and all day on Saturday. Come visit to experience Connect Coffee’s newest location in the heart of Workable.

The cafe is designed with coworking in mind. It is equipped with comfortable seating, workable surfaces, and quality lighting, to facilitate long work stretches as well as the quick coffee or impromptu meeting.

Part of the cafe area is also situated outside on the covered terrace. The outdoor cafe is designed for coworking as well as for general socializing.

Chris Hwang, founder at Connect Coffee and master coffee roaster, brings his passion for Kenyan coffee to the member experience. Chris works directly with farmers, gives back to them, and is an advocate for the Kenyan coffee industry. The cafe is our open coworking space, and provides a shared space for both members and non-members.

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