The Future of Work: Is your organization ready to move into a coworking space?

The term coworking is often associated with work spaces for start-ups and millennial entrepreneurs; you know, the guys who wear jeans to work, or can be found in third spaces like coffee shops around town. However, coworking is evolving into workspaces that blend the traditional office environment with the “lifestyle” or recreational benefits of the third space. As such, coworking is now attracting corporates who are looking to ease the complexity of facility management, whilst providing great places to work for their millennial employees.  

Coworking spaces are now being designed to provide business friendly environments that are typical in the traditional office, but without the bureaucracy of it all! Privacy, which is important for corporates, is a key component of this new office model, but so are the softer benefits, like extended social spaces, and support services.

This is the gap Workable Nairobi has been designed to fill. Workable Nairobi offers a plug-and-play solution for local corporates, multinationals and NGOs.

There are some early adopters in Nairobi – multinational organizations, SMEs and international non-governmental organizations that are already operating or plan to operate from coworking spaces. Coca-Cola East Africa, and even Diageo’s Kenya office are redefining their offices to boost productivity through creatively aesthetic and collaborative spaces.

Here are 3 key reasons why you should consider a coworking space for your organisation in 2019

  1. Coworking spaces make networking easy!

A key benefit of working in a shared space is the ability to network with other professionals. In a shared office, especially one that is a hybrid of a private executive office and an open coworking space, networking comes easily as the space is designed with this in mind. Recreational spaces that are part of the design such as coffee shops, open terraces enable the relationship building that every professional craves for without much effort.

  1. Access to programming at its best

According to a Harvard Business Review research into what makes for a consistently high-performing workforce, the growth that comes from gaining new knowledge and skills is one of the biggest reasons why people thrive in work places; the other major factor being vitality.

Thriving workforces, according to the study, had better attitudes towards work, had better attendance and were generally in better health than colleagues in an environment that did not give them room to learn and network. Coworking spaces in 2019 will become environments for learning via events centred on thought leadership.  Such programming is already showing promise as attendance to events such as Candid Conversations for Women, or the Metta Series, Endeavour Global, DigitiTalks, are often sold out on any given weekday evening in Nairobi.

  1. In-house Concierge and management Services

Coworking spaces like Workable Nairobi offer concierge services as part of the bouquet of offerings, as well as shared administrative services like front office, technology, meeting spaces and events.  What’s different in coworking spaces is that this service is outsourced so is no longer part of your operational headache. At Workable Nairobi, the concierge service is the mark of excellent customer service. If you need to organize a working lunch for business guests, or book a motivational speaker to inspire your employees, the team at Workable Nairobi will handle it. The approach on concierge borrows from the 5-star hospitality space, that ensure personalized one-on-one service that is scalable for multiple organizations that share the workspace.

Not convinced yet that your organization needs to move to a coworking space in 2019? Coca-Cola’s office in Nairobi, that serves the Eastern African Franchise, recently announced a move from their multimillion-dollar, owned office in Upper Hill in Nairobi into a rented coworking space. According to Ahmed Rady, the Regional General Manager, the move was aimed at providing a creative working space for their associates with the company’s “Workplace Vision 2020” agenda.  Coca-Cola, the world’s most iconic brand, whose mission is to inspire moments of happiness, clearly has seen the opportunity by providing its most valuable resource- its people – with a great space to work in. How about you?

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