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You know that feeling you get when you finally come home after a long time away; the warmth, mom’s signature cooking and the outpouring of genuine love? Now imagine having all that in your office. Imagine having an extension of your very African home in a working space, wouldn’t that be nice? This is the feeling that has been woven into Workable’s core fabric, a deliberate design to make this coworking space in Nairobi unapologetically African!

I will take you through it all…Karibu to the Workable Village.

Workable Community Manager – An African Mother’s care

A mother knows her children from their shoe size, to their favourite meal, their temperaments and individual character.  Mom makes sure the home is clean, beds are made, knows how to gently but firmly instil discipline. And she is lovingly patient; see how she will teach a 2-year-old to wear the right shoe on the correct foot yet she never tires from correcting until the child knows how to properly tie shoelaces? Because such things matter to her. Your  mother is the greatest personal assistant and so is the Workable Community Manager.

This is your ‘personal person’ as Nairobians would say. They make sure your office has everything it needs and you will not have to lift a finger. Your mail delivered right on your desk; your meetings scheduled and meeting room secured; petty errands like courier services taken care of; transport – to meetings, home, airport, school drops – sorted!

Celebrating family successes and milestones

As Kenyans, we have a special way of marking life’s milestones, be it rites of passage, the welcoming of a new baby or graduations. The celebrations have authentic flair, the need to have everything larger than life. Gypsy weddings have nothing on us.

At Workable we will turn the welcoming of a new member into a celebration, when one of us lands a big business deal, we must remind them that their success is our success. If another wins accolades and awards or has had tremendous successes in the year, the entire Workable community will toast to them. In short, the slightest reason to celebrate will be amplified. On the same breath, we will create a ring of support during low moments.

Family gatherings, just because!

All work and no play makes Chebet a dull girl and Otieno a very boring boy. Workable’s dictionary does not contain ‘boring’ as we don’t need a reason to party – we just do! Our family gatherings will deepen the camaraderie as we socialize and get to know one another. It doesn’t matter what you are drinking either – water, our signature Kenyan coffee or tea, or even something to start the happy hour, like an ice cold Tusker Lager – we’ve got it all. These sessions are as important as the work itself, it is how African families catch up.

Apart from calendar family events, most other African get-togethers are impromptu! Dad comes home with some friends, mom serves them tea as she prepares a meal; a neighbour pops in and recognises the visiting friends…before long it is a full on party for the neighborhood. No particular occasion apart from the fact that you are all enjoying each other’s company. You even get to meet the neighbour’s beautiful daughters *wink*!

The Terrace – Our village square

If you are not learning it is not really an African community. Programmatic events at Workable will act as hubs of knowledge to build the capacity of community members. Carefully curated, the events will offer valuable insights in various professional spheres. Liken this to village barazas where knowledge is passed on to the community.

The Workable Cafe – Because every village has a meeting point

Every african community has a market place, a melting pot where all people at some point will meet, exchange pleasantries, share a meal and interact.  People may go to the market to buy groceries by they often end up meeting others, bonding, developing relationships and exchanging information.

The Cafe is Workable’s marketplace; open for members and non-members, it has a relaxed vibe designed for interaction over meals and beverages. Many long-lasting bonds will be nurtured here.

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