November 25, 2021

NEW IDEAS: Have a merry Monday

Offices are changing with the times and employers and employees need to think outside the traditional box.

With flexitime and flexible office space, the office is becoming more adaptable to different lifestyles. Many offices are open spaces with desks and uncomfortable chairs, with employees dreading going to every Monday morning.

Their health is negatively affected by sitting in stuffy rooms for several hours where germs are shared liberally, and they may end up spending much time and money at the physiotherapist getting their backs sorted out after spending several hours in a seat that doesn’t offer the right support.

When setting up an office, there are so many considerations. Where will it be located? How long will the lease be? What if the number of staff fluctuates? Tea and coffee? Meeting rooms? Furniture?

Now, with employee welfare becoming a priority, organisations are introducing wellness rooms where staff can take a break from their desks, and a comfortable space with a fridge for new mothers to express milk for their babies at home.

In Nairobi, the Nairobi Garage has become popular for coworking by offering flexible solutions like day passes and private meeting rooms.

And now Workable has come to town. Set up just two months ago and launched on Thursday evening, the fully serviced offices are literally a breath of fresh air.

At the launch, Workable CEO Samir Patel said the ultra-modern facility is designed to match the international demand for corporate coworking spaces.

Located on the fourth floor of Sanlam Tower, in Westlands, Nairobi, Workable offers flexible offices and time, concierge and secretarial services, a coffee shop, kitchen areas, meeting rooms complete with conference and video calls, and a wellness room for new mothers and anyone needing a break or some exercise.

The soundproofed phone booths mean that you don’t have eavesdroppers listening in to private phone calls.

The moveable walls offer flexible office size depending on how many people are working at the time. The desks are vertically adjustable so you can sit or stand, and the chairs have full back support.

The air cleaner ensures that even if the doors are shut—all offices are soundproofed—the space doesn’t get stuffy. The 12,000 square feet facility has 19 private office studios that can accommodate 110 people.

And when you’re tired of sitting at your desk, move to the open terrace and get some fresh air. This is office space that’s so comfortable you never want to leave.





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